Nt2670 Lesson 1

Topics: E-mail, Microsoft Exchange Server, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Nancy Roden
Lesson 1

1) The program used to send email on an email client is also called an IMAP. 2) Microsoft Outlook and Entourage typically connect to Exchange Server 2007 using RPC-based connections and IMAP. 3) The HTTP and HTTPS protocols are often used to access email using a web browser. 4) An email server uses MX and A records in DNS to determine the target email server to relay 5) The Edge server role must be installed on its own Exchange server and cannot coexist with other server roles. 6) The exchange Server 2007 feature that integrates voice mail and fax into an email system is called Unified messaging. 7) RPC over HTTP/HTTPS is called Outlook Anywhere in Exchange Server 2007. 8) Local Continuous Replication is a new type of clustering in Exchange Server 2007 that can be used to perform continuous backups of data to a local hard drive. 9) If a DNS Server returns several MX records with different priorities the one with the LOWEST priority is contacted first. 10) Exchange Management Shell is a command-based administration tool in Exchange Server 2007 that is based on POWERSHELL.

1) Which of the following server roles in Exchange Server 2007 handles POP3 Connections from client computers? A – CAS 2) Outlook web Access (OWA) relies on the IIS component of Windows. 3) Which of the following email protocols encrypts data during transfer? A – ESMTPS 4) What DNS feature rotates the order of MX records before they are given to the email server that requested them? D – Round – robin 5) Which of the following is not a valid email message format? B – RPC 6) Which of the following protocols can be used to obtain email from an email server? C – POP3, B – MAPI RPC, D – IMAP4 7) Which of the following priority numbers will most likely be assigned to the DNS MX record that is used to identify a smart host? D – 5 8) Which of the following is not a valid cmdlet structure? C – Email – Send 9) Which of the following allows Exchange Server...
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