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NSTP 2 is one of the subjects need to finish by the freshmen in the second semester. This subject teaches on how the community is very important factor and to be aware and understand the every people composing it. That is one of the things I realized in NSTP 2 as it nearly finishing. Now that I, as a student graduating from NSTP 2, remembering what my classmates and I’ve been through, it was truly worth it.

The first Friday of the subject was facilitated by the appointed instructors together with different persons invited by the municipal to teach us making different livelihood projects. These stuffs- candle-making, perfume-making, dumpling-making, chocolate-making, origami-making etc. was one good idea. And after the lessons, the facilitators and invited government officials of Silang came and give the student lectures and explain the essence of owning business and independency.

The second Friday started the real syllabus of the subject; where our assigned instructor, Mrs. Maribel Ables met with her students, including me. We talked about the rules and regulations, syllabus, the planned activities we were going to do. She also appoints officers to guide the students to their different activities. The barangay we done the civic service is in Balite 1st, Silang, Cavite.

On the third Friday, in Balite 1st , in front of the Barangay Hall, after the attendance we began our welfare service by scattering to conduct survey to the houses, families and as a member of their community.

Every Friday, we, with my classmates and our instructor, Mrs. Ables met up in a place and accomplish the scheduled task in the barangay. In every Friday, we had the so-called clean and green where we swept the street of Balite 1st, cleaned the drainage and plant some trees near the river and plant herbal plants and also we had feeding program.

All these things we done, anybody may see it very hard to do but I can...
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