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Hello everyone,
My name is Jonathan Coyle, and I live in Corpus Christi (The Body of CHRIST), Texas. I live here in South Texas with my beautiful wife Dessie, our oldest daughter also named Dessie Jr. Also here with us is our second oldest daughter Kaylee, and last but not least is our one and only son Isaiah. We are also taking care of my wife's elderly grandmother and don't you know her name is actually the first Dessie within our family tree. We have a nice house just minutes away from the beach, and as of now due to the economy my wife and I unfortunately lost our jobs a while back and since we have been unable to find work. So that is why I am pursuing higher education, so that I can one day be the supporter of my family that I have always wanted to be. Oh and I didn't mention it before but here in the southern States especially here in Corpus Christi, it is just insanely hot and humid all the time. My wife and I are originally from California, and San Diego to be more specific. We moved here to Corpus back in 2001 to get somewhat of a fresh start, or a start over if you will. California is no place for a newly married couple that honestly did not have much knowledge about the working world, so after my wife and I got married in 2011 my mom and dad suggested that we move here to Corpus to start over so we did. It really has been great for the most part, again besides the heat.

But enough about that, lol... I actually finished my Associates in Website Development here at UOP back in about 2010, and obviously it was entirely online that I did it, and man oh man, it was extremely difficult at times due to me trying to raise a family, and work full time. I needed some tutoring at times and honestly I did not feel that I had anywhere to go for the help with my studies, I tried here at the local colleges but they couldn't help me, so I tried some other options but all seemed to be dead ends for the most part. However that I would say was the greatest...

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