Notes on Night by Elie Wiesel

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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Night by Elie Wiesel Notes
Chapter 1
* 1941, Eliezer is 13
* Wants to study Kabbalah, but father won’t let him
* Moishe the Beatle teaches him
* Moishe and all foreign Jews sent off
* Year later he comes back, already been to labor camp, shot in leg, escaped * Town assumes war won’t come to them; they are wrong
* Germans polite at first
* Rules upon rules; wear yellow star
* Moved to ghettos
* Get told they are being shipped out
* Eliezer’s family in last transport
* Go to synagogue for the last night

Chapter 2

* Go to train station; Mrs. Schachter has gone mad with grief * Keeps yelling about fire
* Reference to young people “caressing” important to show normal acts now are almost coping mechanisms * They arrive at Birkenau; Mrs. Schachter finally right about fire; crematoria

Chapter 3

* Women and men separated; last time he sees his mom and Tzipora * Father 50 has to say 40; 15 must say 18
* Separated again into workers, and “living dead”
* They think they are getting sent to the chimney
* Eliezer was going to throw himself in the electric fence before they get sent to the barracks * Death prayer
* At 5 am they are sent to shower, get haircuts, and get uniforms * Run for 30 minutes and Eliezer keeps his new shoes
* Left Birkenau; Auschwitz
* In Block 17; meet polish commander and sleep
* Deep sleep wakes up, meet friends, eat soup, get prisoner tattoos * Eliezer is A-7713
* All they do is eat and sleep for days
* Meet Stein , a relative
* Lie and say his wife and kids are fine
* Father not hungry, (? not sure why)
* In Auschwitz for three more weeks
* Polish Blockalteste(commander) removed; to humane
* Stein is giving Eliezer and his father half his rations * Leaving to see news in Antwerp of his family
* Never returns
* Still believes in God; just doubted his justice (Much like Job) * At 10 the next day the last 100 simple workers are transported to Buna

Chapter 4

* Guards see German girls; flirting means the Jews are not harmed for that moment * New officer seems nice; bringing the young 10 and 12 year old boys food * Apparently the Construction Kommando is bad

* Tenet leader is German, but also likes kids ( “unfortunately, the kindness isn’t altruistic, there is a traffic of children among homosexuals”) * Three days quarantine; tomorrow: check ups

* Boy offers to get Eliezer and his father a good Kommando in exchange for his shoes; won’t give them, but they are taken later anyways * “Are you in good health?” Only one answer
* Dentist is more conscientious; checks for gold crowns, and Eliezer has one * Kapo (guard or leader?) choose their men
* Come to the orchestra block
* Talk to the musicians; learn they work in electrical materials. * Only danger is Idek, the Kapo, who has bouts of madness * Franek, the foreman, allows Eliezer and his father to work next to each other as they sort materials * Becomes friends with Yossi and Tibi who are from Czechoslovakia; lost parents at Birkenau * Had German- Jew Alphonse as their Blockalteste, seems good * Eliezer gets sent to dentist, who takes out gold teeth; fakes sick and gets out * Comes back on his own and fakes again, by that time the dentist is hanged for using the gold teeth for his own gain * Works with young French woman, passes for Aryan (?)

* Crossed Idek on his rampage who throws himself on Eliezer and beats him * Sends him back to work like nothing happened (perhaps driven mad by the camps) * Girl wipes the blood off him, and give him bread and says to wait for the next day * (Fast forward many years to a Parisian bistro; he meets a young woman and recognizes her as that girl. When he asks if she remembers him, he states his number. She is really Jewish) * Idek beats Eliezer’s dad with an iron bar and all Eliezer feels is anger...
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