Notes on Historical Setting of the Old Testament

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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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The Geographical and Historical Setting

Coogan pg. 9
The “inspiration” of the old testament- 2 Timothy 3:16 A Christological analogy- fully divine fully human

The Land—Where, and What to Call It?
Promised Land- “the land of promise” God promised Abraham and descendants this land Near East/Middle East- people become slaves in Egypt and Abraham leads them to the land of promise. East of us but not as “middle east” as china, etc. Levant- french for “rising”. the sun rises in the east- in europe, the sun rose in the near east area- where it got its name Canaan- earliest people called this area Canaan. one of the early powers- Egyptians. they controlled the land of ancient Israel. “the land of canaan” term used in the OT Palestine- general designation for the region to the south of Lebanon and Syria and to the northeast of Egypt Israel- name of modern state of Israel, but in ancient israel- used 2 different ways. 1- place where israelites lived 2- israel in the north and Judah (2 political divisions) Judah- southern israel

Mesopotamia- “in the middle of the rivers” of Euphrates and Tigris. Transjordan- jordan river is major river in israel= runs through the sea of Galilee into the dead sea. Transjordan is the land on the east side of the jordan river. modern day jordan is Transjordan Asia Minor- refers to north of ancient israel and to the east of ancient israel.

The Topography of Ancient Israel
Coastal Plain- place where ancient philistines settled. agriculturally productive Shephelah- area b/w costal plain. more hills
Hill Country- includes three distinct places
Hill country of Ephraim- north.
Hill country of Naphtali- includes highest point in isreal
Mt. Hermon- highest point
Hill country of Judah- southern. includes jerusalem
Jerusalem- in hill country of judah. where temple is built. it is higher up, so if you travel there your going to the “high and holy” place Rift Valley- area includes jordan river, hill country, and Transjordan Sea of...
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