Notes for Managing Information in a Business Enviroment

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IT at Work
Various different types of IT are used in businesses and with rapid developments resulting in newer and more advanced technology. The most common IT uses are
1. Information Exchange
2. Word Processing
3. Spreadsheets
4. Data basing
5. Presentation software
6. Mobile Information Technology
Exchanging information
The exchanging of information accurately and effectively is highly important for a successful and productive company. There are two different aspects of using IT for information exchange. 1. Sending information

2. Receiving information
An example of sending information would be advertising through a company website. You have to communicate accurate information about the services and/or products you supply, quality of the services and/or products, contact details etc. Common ways of communicating information would be through e-mails (electronic messages sent via computer). In these emails you can also attach word documents such as spreadsheets, databases, images, etc. Which are also effective ways of sending information to recipients. An example of receiving information through IT would be using a search engine on the internet to do research in to the area you need to look in to, e.g. law firm need to keep up-to-date with research on new laws, changed laws etc Common search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search.

Word Processing
Word processing software are highly used in businesses due to the use of the key board to forfil any word based tasks such as letters, posters, briefing papers etc. Using word processing is highly used in business as it is much more time effective and any errors that may have been made are easy to emend. The most well-known word processing software is Microsoft Word. Other software includes Lotus Pro and Word Pad and Open Office. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are used in business because in a successful and well maintained company storing, managing, manipulate financial and numerical information. Spreadsheet software is easy to use, easy to change and more secure to store than paper based. They are more time effective and also neater to look at than paper based. Most well-known spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel; other examples of spreadsheet software include Open Office and Lotus 1-2-3. Presentation Software

Presentation software is an effective way to produce a document for meetings, advertising and brainstorming for new ideas in the company. Presentation software can contain sounds, images, text, graphics, videos and numbers depending on what you want in your presentation. Presentations software is used in cases where diagraphs such as graphs and pie charts need to be illustrated. The most well-know presentation software’s are Microsoft PowerPoint and Open Office. Other known software include Prezi and Slide Rocket. Mobile Technology

Mobile technology are used in instances where you are away from the office, They are an effective way of using any ‘Smart Phone’ to keep up to date with your emails, viewing documents. Mobile technology is also good for keeping contact through social networking sites. The newer tablets and netbooks are also used for the same useful purposes. Databases

Databases are used in a similar way to spreadsheets however up dating details in a database is easier then updating or editing a spreadsheet. You only need to update the database once where as other methods of data basing need to be update in several different places. Data basing is useful when storing and updating supplier contact details, order information regarding invoices, payment dates and order specifics. Examples of database software include Microsoft Access, dBase and Open Office.

Benefits of using IT at Work
Benefits of the use of IT at work are massive. Using IT you can communicate with colleagues, clients, suppliers, contractors, etc, via e-mails. Contact can also be had via social networking sites (depending on your area of work); other...
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