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With the need and possibility of a much better service delivery in the restaurant and food business as the thread, Eatmore is fabricated with the concept of bridging the gap between the customer and quality service with just the click of a mouse. One of the major aspects in this restaurant and food industry is customer satisfaction and the ease with which the customer is able to avail quality service. The platform is aimed at being completely online with an additional option of Tele-booking with the much needed option of Home Delivery and Booking a Table concept.

EatMore is a start-up launched successfully by the students of IIT Guwahati in the year 2013. Over the past year it has grown phenomenally and has associated with major college fests all over India. Dominos has been Eatmore’s official food partner in all of the college fests that Eatmore has sponsored. The online restaurant booking and featured deals concept is still an untapped segment in the Indian market and Eatmore is all set to venture in to this segment. The driving force behind this concept is to provide a one-stop solution for customers to find the best deals at their preferred choice of restaurant and eliminating the hassle of waiting for a table after reaching a restaurant by pre-booking tables on our platform.

When Eatmore started its operation of home delivery in the colleges in Guwahati, it straight forward reached the landmark with orders of about ₹ 6,00,000 being placed per month mainly due to the crisp new concept that it carried and the target customers who were the untapped section called college going students. With the huge and encouraging response received Eatmore is all set to launch nationally first and then gradually spread it’s wings all around the nation. First of all Eatmore would be targeting cities like Jaipur, Kolkata,Guwahati, Bhopal and Patna. With a vivid imagination, ardent desire, sincere belief, and a jubilant team Eatmore is ready to take it’s leap of faith into the market and will soon be one of the leading companies in this segment.




Each partner restaurant would offer their buffet meals and thaali meals or some combo deals at discounted prices on our platform which will be displayed as a featured deal on our platform subject to the filters applied by the customer. The actual value of the meal would be displayed along-with the discount percentage and value available. There will be a detailed description of the meal on which the discount is being offered and also a description of the restaurant offering the featured deal, the time period for which the deal is valid and the time left before the deal expires. The terms and conditions associated with the purchase of the meal would also be displayed. The customer would have the option to purchase the meal on the click of a button on this page itself or book it offline by calling the Eatmore customer care. On each deal a restaurant sells to a customer, Eatmore would share a part of the profit, something that would be pre-decided by Eatmore and the restaurant. The tele-bookings would work in a similar way with the difference being that the customer would be apprised of the featured deals for the day over the phone by a customer care executive of Eatmore.



Buffet meals and
combo deals offered
by restaurants

We display detailed
information of
discount offered

Validity of the offer

Your favourite meal
is just a

Home Delivery


Definitely offering featured deals won’t in itself be sufficient. As per the going trends Home delivery feature is something which caters to the one of the largest market in the restaurant and food business. Eatmore would provide for as an ideal platform and will act as a facilitator in the sense that customers would place the requisite order on our portal or through customer...
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