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You have read in Swink that “every process has a constraint.” You have also viewed the TED Talks Video on Nicola Tesla (above link).  Using information from the text book and what you have learned about Tesla answer these questions: Think about your current or past organization and write about a process in detail and then explain a constraint that process creates. You are to write 200 - 300 words to identify the process and then another 100 words to describe the constraint. Use APA and cite the text book at least once. Consider what innovations that could be applied to mitigate these constraints. What “new ideas” can you bring? Be inventive!

Since I am the system analyst at St Joseph Health, I work with all the applications that the revenue cycle team deals with. I have to generate many reports to show the results of all the hard work that the team has been producing. There are so many reports that we had to start automating reports that didn't require much analyzing.

The revenue cycle team in the past has been split into 8 different teams since there are 8 different hospitals. We have recently attempted to consolidate our processes to form into one unit and found out that all the processes that took place were similar, but not the same. Some teams performed different tasks to get the same end result. As Swink mentioned in the text, "the constraining activity in the process that limits the overall output is called the bottleneck" (Swink, Melnyk, Cooper, & Hartley, 2011, p.60). As these processes gets documents and we began to streamline the process. We can truly flow through the process more smoothly.

Once the process gets streamlined, with current technology, I believe we can automate many areas of the process. One good example is automating the billing process. Claims needs to be edited and sent out to the insurances in a timely manner. Each payer has different contracts and therefore we need to set the claims up to a certain format so that...
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