Topics: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Wilhelm Wundt Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Which if the following is NOT an example of a behavior: dreaming

How do clinical psychologists help their patients with mental illness?: They help them solve their problems by changing harmful or ineffective behaviors.

The majority of people who work in the field of psychology practice: clinical psychology.

Bob is very shy and has extreme difficulty initiating relationships and making friends.  He has been visisting Linda for the past 3 years, and feels that he is finally making progress toward reaching his goals.  Based on the passage, Linda most likely practices: counseling psychology.

Eleven year old Lisa's grades have been slipping, and her parents are quite concerned.  The have scheuled a meeting at the school to discuss the problems their daughter has been having.  This meeting is likely to include a: school psychologist

Jackie is considering a career in psychology, and is particularly interested in the cognitive changes that occur in young children.  In what psychological field could Jackie find a job? : developmental psychology

Though his experiments do not provide any practical applications, Dr. Wilson continues to experiment on the neuropathy of mice with brain lesions.  What type of research is Dr. Wilson conducting? : Basic Research

Mr. Fenner is looking at a report that says his employees will be more productive if their workplace is lit with natural light, rather than artificial light.  This report likely came from his company's: occupational therapist

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said "know thyself."  The psychological practice of _____________________ is based on this phrase. :introspection

In what year did Wilhelm Wundt establish the first psychology labratory in Leipzig, Germany? :1879

Which early psychological theory concerns itself with the parts of behavior and mental processes? :structuralism

Which early psychological theory concerns itself with the process of behavior and mental processes?:...
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