Topics: India, Sri Lanka, Monsoon Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: March 18, 2013
·Himalayan Mountains- Mountain range in south Asia that contains Mt. Everest ( worlds tallest peak). ·Subcontinent- Large landmass that is smaller than a continent. ·Alluvial Plain- Land that is rich farmland, composed of clay, silt, sand, or gravel deposited by running water. ·Archipelago- Set of closely grouped islands.

· Atoll- A ringlike coral island or string of small islands surrounding a lagoon.

·Monsoons- A seasonal wind
·Cyclone- A violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rain (hurricane) - Cycle of dry, then too wet each year. One extreme to the other.

·Hinduism- the dominant religion in India.
·Ganges River- river in south Asia; important water. resourse followig more than 1500 miles from its source in a Himalayan glacier to the Bay of Bengal. ·Storm Surge- High water levels brought by a cyclone that swamps low-lying areas. ·Estuary- A broadened seaward end of a river, where the river's currents meet the oceans tides.

·Summer Monsoon- Wind system that blows from the southwest across the Indian Ocean toward South Asia from June through September. · Winter Monsoon- Wind system that blows from the northeast across the Himalayas toward the sea from October through February.

·Mughal Empire- The Muslim empire established by early 1500's over much of India, which brought with it new customs that conflicted with of native Hindus. ·Nonviolent Resistance- A protest movement that does not use violence to achieve their goals. ·Land Reform- The process of breaking up large landholdings to attain a more balanced land distribution among farmers. ·Green Revolution- An agricultural program launched by scientists in the 1960's to develop higher-yielding grain varieties and improve food production by incorporating new farming techniques. ·Caste System- The Aryan system of social classes in India and one of the cornerstones of Hinduism in which...
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