Nonprnon-Profit Management Chapter 11 and 12

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Chapter 11
Why fund-raise? Program requirements, unallowable cost, and new business ventures True Philanthropic has to Fundraise. Non-profit has to earn money to operate on your truly a philanthropic Fund-raising is synonymous w/ nonprofit (development or advancement) Importance of Gifts to Nonprofit Organizations:

Charitable or philanthropic giving is an important source of revenue for many nonprofits, though relative importance varies among subsectors Health services organizations -- low reliance
Educational institutions and civic, social, and fraternal organizations -- medium reliance Religious organizations and human services organizations -- high reliance Private giving can often be used to address organizational priorities rather than support specific programs or services Core operations or capacity building

Building new facilities
New initiatives that lack paying customers or grants
Civic, social, and fraternal, educational institutions- Medium reliance Depends if you get grants
Consistently looking for new initiative that lack paying Source of Gifts/Donations:
Private Individuals 75%
Foundations 501 (3) 13%
Corporations 5%
Bequest 7%
Recipients of Gifts:
Religion receive largest donation 35%
Education 13%
Human Services 9%

Definitions and Distinctions:
Charity and philanthropy (know the difference)
Charity -- giving to meet immediate human needs (ex. Food, shelter) Philanthropy -- giving to develop institutions that serve human needs or enhance human development over the long run Fund-raising, development, and institutional advancement Fund-raising -- an event or activity undertaken with the goal of eliciting charitable or philanthropic giving Development – encompasses fund-raising, but involves a more comprehensive approach to the long-term growth of an organization or institution Institutional advancement -- encompasses fund-raising and development, along with the related activities of...
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