Nokia Swot

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Nokia Swot Analysis

Nokia SWOT Analysis
Nokia group is the world’s largest mobile phone manufactures. Strengths
Strong brand image,
Nokia’s core asset is its strong brand image.A strong and highly visible brand enables the company to command a premium for its products and distinguish from the competitors.Nokia’s brand is the fifth most valued brand in the word according to the top 100 best brands list compiled by interbrand in 2009. Significant market position,

Nokia has been a hignly efficient manufacturing and logistics machine.It posseses the largest network of distribution selling its products all the world.So Nokia probably is still the No.1 in terms of volume now.In addition ,Nokia has dominance in the low- to mid- ranges,especially in developing markets like India. Weakness

Low competitiveness in smartphones market.
Nokia’s high-end devices are weak, lacking appealing touch screen and sleek designs compared with the products of its competitors.Moreover,most of smartphone’s value is now in software and data services.Nokia’s strength is producing handsets but its software platform is regarded technically inferior. Turning a hardware-maker into a provider of software and services is no easy undertaking.So it is hard for Nokia to found a way to shift from hardware to software. Weak presence in the US

Losing its edge in smartphone battle has put Nokia’s share under pressure in developed markets ,particularly the US.Nokia has a relatively weak presence in the US compared to its competitors.This will affect Nokia’s market share and growth in coming years. Opportunities

Cooperation with Microsoft
Nokia and Microsoft has announced longterm partnership scheme.Microsoft has its strength in software platform.Nokia will operate on Microsofts Windows phone platform,which is technically advanced.Both hope they can join hands to compete against Apple’s market-leading iPhone. Strategic acquisitions

The company made several strategic acquisitions in...
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