No Mans Land Theme

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In the novel No Man’s Land, Kevin Major sends a variation of themes to his reader relating to the

outcomes of war. One theme that is projected in this novel is “War time is a time which requires great

strength of character”. Throughout the novel, many of the characters face difficult situations which

develop fear and uncertainty within the character. It is times like these in which the reader truly sees

the character’s internal strengths shine through. Such strengths as determination, courage and even

positive attitudes.

One example of such character strength can be seen in chapter 25, page 243. Hayward proves

his strength in character when he makes the quote “The men are counting on me. Who can expect

them to do what an officer wouldn’t do himself?”. The situation is bad, as Clarke is nearing death and

the sound of artillery is still very strong. Hayward and Martin are hiding in a shell hole, as they lay

next to Clarke’s wounded body. With the disturbance of every gun shot, Hayward knows that a

another life is lost. He also knows that he has to go back out there, even though Clarke repetitively

tells him that he would prove nothing by doing so. However, Hayward’s strength shines through when

he says that he can’t expect his men to do what he wouldn’t do, resulting in him returning to the


Another example in which a character’s strength shines through can be seen in page 205,

chapter22, just before they go over the top. The men are in the trench and playing a deaf ear to the

thunderous noise outside, as they all try to put their fear inside and their courageous-side out. A

specific quote to support this statement is “How resilient they looked, in spite of the thunderous noise.

He saw in their eyes a stiffness of will that reawakened his pride in how far they had come in the last

few months. Their good humor was hard to believe.”

Also in chapter 25, Martin enters no...
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