Nine Learning Experiences

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Resource File Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Color Sign Language Age Level: 5 years old

Goals: Children will be able to identify colors and recognize the sign for each color.

|Physical Development |Cognitive Development |Creative Development | | | | | |Children will be using their hands to sign|Children will be learning the sign of each|Children will be using a pom pom ball. | |each color. |color by saying each color followed by | | | |signing them. | | | | | | | | | |

Bag of varies colored pom pom balls, Signing poster

Teaching Strategies:

Opening (invitation and focus):
At circle time review and go over all the colors you have gone over and tell the children there is another way to say the colors without actually talking but you all have to be listening and watching very well. Tell the children the color for an example use the color blue then show them the sign that goes with the color on the poster. Do that with each color. Hand out each color of the pom pom balls that have a sign.

(Include directions and closed and open-ended questions to guide thinking and learning) Show the children that each color has their own sign. Take out the bag of pom pom balls and show the children the sign for a particular pom pom ball. Ask the children to hold up that certain color. Ask a child “What color is this pom pom...
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