New English File: Grammar and Common Phrases

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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The following is some help for students who have missed an English class.

Unit 7

Grammar (p. 102, ex. 5c):

1 I wish I had saved a bit of money. / I wish I hadn’t spent so much. 2 I wish I hadn’t had my hair cut so short. / I wish I hadn’t changed the colour. 3 I wish I had learned more English at school. / I wish I had been to extra classes. 4 I wish she hadn’t left me. / I wish we hadn’t had an argument.

(p. 145, ex. 7A-b):

1 I wish I hadn’t left my camera in the car.
2 I wish I had set my alarm clock.
3 I wish I hadn’t bought a house in the country.
4 I wish I hadn’t dropped my phone in the bath.
5 I wish I had been able to go to your party.
6 I wish I had had a holiday last year.

Vocabulary – expressions with “go” (p. 103):

1 going on = happening
2 go for it = take the opportunity (that is being offered to you)

1 go through = look at again, revise
2 goes wrong = stops working normally
3 gone back on = not keep a promise or your word
4 go without = live without having
5 go with = match, complement
6 go to sleep = fall asleep
7 go far = be successful
8 gone off = stop liking someone/something
9 go for it = take the opportunity
10 going on = happening

Reading (p. 104 – Honest Workers or Thieves?):

to tackle – to make a determined effort to deal with a difficult problem or situation a bagel – a hard bread roll that is shaped like a ring
serrated (knife) – having a series of sharp points on the edge like a saw to recoup – to get back an amount of money that you have spent or lost to solicit – to try to get sth or persuade sb to do sth

a pitch – talk or arguments used by a person trying to sell things or persuade people to do sth

Grammar (p. 106, ex. 4d):

A contrast: in spite of, even though, although
A purpose: for, so as to, in order to, so that, to

Grammar (p. 108, ex. 1d):

shampoo – a liquid which you use to wash your hair
algebra – a type of...
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