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Topics: Functional specification, Word processor, Method acting Pages: 4 (415 words) Published: April 9, 2013
TYPE: Investigation
OUTCOMES: Outcome 1: Technology Process
CONTENT: Components; Design, development and management: systems; Tools UNIT LEARNING CONTEXT: IT Professional

TASK 2, Part B: Network solution (21 marks) (10%)

The data collected by EnviroNow is used by a range of government departments and private companies to locate information on the past and present condition of the river.

Time allocation
6 Periods

What you need to do:

Investigate four methods that could be used to make the database available to users outside of the EnviroNow office building and describe at least two suitable methods. (6 marks)

Requirements specification
Recommend one of these methods and create a specification defining what changes would need to be made to the current system to implement this method. (2 marks)

Justify why the method you chose was the most suitable. Compare and contrast your specification against four specifications made by others in the class. Include any problems or issues you identify that may result from the introduction of the new method. (10 marks)

Evidence of the process you undertook to complete this task
Evidence could include all notes you made, copies of any paper based resources you collected, and references to any other resources you have used.(3 marks)

|What needs to be submitted for assessment |Due |Actual date | |A word processed document including research, requirements specification and evaluation |End of Week 11 | | |Evidence of the process you undertook | | |

Name: ____________________________________ Marks: ___________________

Marking key—Unit 2B
Task 2, Part B

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