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What Is a Rich Client? In a client server architecture the term rich client is used for clients where the data processing occurs mainly on the client side. The client also provides the graphical user interface (GUI). Often rich clients are applications that are extendable via plug-ins and modules. In this way, rich clients are able to solve more than one problem. Rich clients are typically developed on top of a framework. A framework offers a basic starting point on top of which the user can assemble logically related parts of the application, which are called modules. An overview of the characteristics of a rich client: ✔ Flexible and modular application architecture ✔ Platform independence ✔ Adaptability to the end user ✔ Ability to work online as well as offline ✔ Simplified distribution to the end user ✔ Simplified updating of the client What Is a Rich Client Platform? A rich client platform is an application life cycle environment, a basis for desktop applications. Most desktop applications have similar features, such as ✔ menus ✔ Toolbars ✔ status bar ✔ progress visualizations ✔ data display ✔ customization setting ✔ Saving and loading user-specific data and configurations ✔ Splash screens ✔ about boxes ✔ internationalization ✔ help systems etc ….... The most important aspect of a rich client platform is its architecture. Applications based on rich client platforms are written in the form of modules , within which logically coherent parts of an application are isolated . A rich client platform also frees the developer from being concerned with tasks that have little to do with the application’s business logic. Advantages of a Rich Client Platform ✔ ✔ Modularity :- provides high degree of robustness and end user value Reduction of Development Time →Through the re-usability of many predefined components, developers are able to concentrate very closely on the business logic of the application in question. →It provides a multitude of application programming interfaces (APIs) for

desktop application development. ✔ ✔ User Interface Consistency → consistency, accessibility, and usability. Updating an Application →It is possible to quickly and efficiently distribute new or updated modules to end users by using a rich client platform →Updates can be distributed and installed in the form of modules, so distinct features can be developed and delivered by independently developer teams. Platform Independence → Rich client platforms are based on international standards and reusable components. → Applications developed using rich client are extendable and can be deployed to different target systems. This saves time and money. Re-usability and Reliability →Rich client platforms make a range of features and modules available, which can be used in the developer’s own applications

Characteristics of the NetBeans Platform In addition to the generic advantages of a rich client platform, the NetBeans Platform offers numerous frameworks and several additional features that can be particularly useful to your applications. The important ones, which constitute the main characteristics of the NetBeans Platform ,are ➢ User Interface Framework (User interface management) → Windows, menus, toolbars, and other components are made available by the platform. This makes it making it better and less error prone. The complete user interface offered by the Debian's Platform is completely based on AWT/Swing and can be extended with your own components. ➢ Data Editor →The powerful NetBeans editor within the NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) can be used by your own application. ➢ Customization Display → displays user- and application-specific settings. ➢ Wizard Framework (supports step-by-step dialogs) → The NetBeans Platform offers simple tools to create extendable and user-friendly wizards, guiding the user through complex steps in the application. ➢ Data Systems →Actual data access itself is not a concern, since it is...
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