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Nestlé Bangladesh Limited is a leading food company with lots of global strategic brands operating in Bangladesh. NIDO is one of the strategic brands of Nestlé Bangladesh Limited. In Bangladesh, NIDO is one of the largest profit-making categories of Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd.

To reach to more consumers and to better satisfy the needs, NIDO is trying to implement some of the exceptional promotional programs such as ‘Ashun NIDO Pushti Jagate’ and ‘NIDO Growth Program’. This research is being carried out with an intention to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs into two different regions of Bangladesh. By talking with the mothers before and after attending the programs and also by interviewing them personally whenever it was convenient, it was being tried to find out whether there is any differences between the pattern of choices between this two region.


1.2. a. General research purpose:

Choice pattern of totally two different parts of Bangladesh may vary. This research will be carried to find out that. By using some mathematical and statistical tools, it will be measured whether these things vary from locality to locality.

1.2. b. Specific research objective: The research will be carried to find out the following specific objective:

This research will be confined within the boundary of measuring the differences among the consumers of different localities regarding brand awareness, consumption habits, product related attitudes, buying patters, communication and promotional choices etc

The key focus of the report is the company’s strategic brand NIDO. It covers the following aspects: Analyzing only the FCMP (Full Cream Milk Powder) market of Bangladesh. To have a view of the whole market, particularly the participants of Dhaka and B.Baria were being selected.

1.4 Methodology:

For the organization part, much information has been collected from different published articles, journals, brochures and web sites. All the information incorporated in this report has been collected both from the primary sources as well as from the secondary sources.

1.4.1 Research method: This was totally a Descriptive Research. The following technique of Descriptive Research was followed:

Questionnaire Interview: The research was totally based upon the questionnaire. The selected participants were been interviewed by a group of pre-selected questionnaire. There were both Close-Ended as well as Open-Ended questions. In the interview, Laddering technique was applied. To conduct the depth interview, I always tried to maintain the 7 c’s (Communication, Cooperation, Confidence, Candor, Closeness, Continuity, Creativity)

1.4.2 Justification for choosing the method: As the purpose and the procedure of this research matches with all the characteristics of Descriptive Research such as

Formulate a problem define a problem more precisely.
Isolate key variables and relationship for further examination. Gain insights for developing an approach to the problem
Develop hypothesis for testing
Identify alternative courses of actions
The research was a descriptive research. This is the best method that helped me to meet my research objectives.

1.5 Sample design:
For the research work, samples will be fixed according to the following criteria:

1.5.1 Target population: The target population for this research would be the mothers and the kids (aging from 2 years to 8 years). As NESTLÉ is producing its powder milk for the kids of this age range and their target focus group are the mothers, they will be my target population.

1.5.2 Sample from the population: The samples from the population would be selected according to the following: Participants before attending the program
Participants after attending the program
Some other people who hasn’t participated but have the...
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