Negative Effects of New Media

Topics: Search engine optimization, Internet, Yahoo! Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: May 30, 2012
New Media
Provides unreliable information
oCitizen Journalists
Not formally trained, hence do not know where to source information. •Isn’t any fact checking and editing to ensure reliability of information. oSearch Engines (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc.)

Doesn’t evaluate reliability or quality of sites that show up in searches. •Gives priority to sites, which are associated with sponsors of the search engine or those that are the most popular and highly searched for. •Search engines like Wikipedia, doesn’t have any editorial staff to ensure the reliability of information. •Can be manipulated and rigged

By simply linking a large amount of web pages to a certain site to increase its popularity. (“Google Bombing”)

Social networking sites can have negative implications on relationships oCauses superficial (lack of intimacy) relationships
Under the illusion of intimacy
We are being kept in the loop with what our friends and family are up to, so we wouldn’t have to regularly call them up or go out of our way to catch up with them. •Intimacy isn’t measured by the amount of friends a person has but by the depth of the relationship. oEmotional and Social isolation

“The Lonely Society” by The Mental Health Foundation. •58% of people aged between 18 and 34 had felt depressed due to isolation as compared to 32% of people aged 55 and above. •Emotional and Social isolation could be due to social networking sites, as a third of young people said that they had spent more time communicating online rather than in person.

Condones criminal activities
oTerrorist groups (E.g. Al Qaeda)
Recruit, train and launder money
Exploit alienated people’s vulnerabilities through “narrowcasting” their messages to make them feel special. •Free online games such as “Night of Bush”.
oIllegal file-sharing
Music industry is facing a major crisis.
Illegal torrent sites are used 3 times more than legal ones. •Lack of self-regulation,...
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