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Need to solve any 2 Case study

CASE – 2

Leo Medical Diagnostic and Research Center has patented its new invention of poly fiber cardiovascular valve. The product developed is a novel one and can be manufactured at a very low cost. The utility and life of the product in laboratory testing was found to be more than the life of the patients. The product could enhance the life of patient by at least five years. Considering all these factors Leo Medical Diagnostic and Research Center chose to set a unit to manufacture the product. However, the company has a dilemma. As the product is new and requires the acceptance of medical community, it is considering appointing a promotion and sales co-coordinator to manage the promotional and communication efforts of the firm.


a) Do you think the number of units of a product to be manufactured is a random number? Explain your reasoning.

b) How does one determine the number of units of a product to be manufactured in an organisation?

c) What are the elements you would take into consideration for forecasting the production and sales requirement of the product developed by Leo Medical Center?

d) How would you go about planning and organising the manufacturing and selling efforts of the organisation?

CASE – 3

Hari Mohan has a position on the corporate planning staff of a large company in a high technology industry. Although he has spent most of his time on long-range, strategic planning for the company, he has been appointed to a task force to reorganize the company. The president and the board of directors are concerned that they are losing their competitive position in the industry because of an outdated organisation structure. Being a planning expert, Hari Mohan convinced the task force that they should proceed by first determining exactly what type of structure they have now, then determining what type of environment the company faces, now and in the future,...
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