Neatness of a Classroom

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Journal Entry 1
Topic: Neatness of the Classroom

Upon entering the classroom for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the posters that were hung all over the room. There were multiple posters with character traits on them, and each one encouraged a student to act in a certain manner. Along with that, there was also very colorful bulletin board with the topics that were being talked about for that week. While I was there, students used a particular bulletin board to point out places on that map where canals were located. This not only helped the students locate the places that they were reading about, but it also helped them get a better understanding of how trade routes worked, which was what they were learning about.

Another thing I noticed about the classroom was the organization. When working with children, organization is everything. There were assigned baskets where students placed their completed work, and all of their daily papers were placed in a folder so that papers would not get out of place, and their work could be easily kept up with. Also, students were always required to remove everything off of their desks unless it was something that they were working on. This not only helped with neatness, but it also helped the students not to get distracted as easily and focus on the work from their social studies class.

Also, students were always required to raise their hands before answering questions, which helped the class say in order. There were times that students started randomly answering question and everyone started talking, but Ms. Ellison always restored order immediately, and students were right back on track.

As a teacher, neatness is very important, and when working with younger students, you should always require order in the classroom so that things run smoothly and confusion isn’t a problem much. Colorful things in the classroom catch people’s eye, and if something important is on it, it is a simple way...
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