Ncm 101

Topics: Nursing, Nursing care plan Pages: 9 (1491 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Samar State University
Catbalogan City, Philippines

(Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

I. Course Number: NCM 100

II. Course Descriptive Title: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice

III. Credit Units: 3 units lecture; 2 units RLE (Skills Lab)

IV. Course Pre-requisite/s: General Chemistry, TFN

V. Co Requisite:Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry


VII. Academic Term and
School Year: 2nd semester S.Y. 2012-2013

VIII. Vision and Mission of SSU:


The university commits itself to the development of human potentials and the fortification of human conditions as subsumed in the fundamental matrix of the life of the indigenous society and in the realities of global community.


The university shall primarily provide advanced instruction and professional training in the arts, philosophy, social sciences, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, engineering, education, law and other related fields. It shall undertake research and extension services, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.

IX. CON Goals and Objectives


To this end, the college shall:

A. Foster academic excellence through
* Competency-based and community oriented curriculum responsive to the changing health care needs and services of the country and the global community. * Trained, competent, dynamic and committed nursing and non-nursing faculty and staff. * An academic and clinical environment contributing to efficient teaching and learning and the development of the full potentialities of the students. B. Produce graduates form all sectors of society especially from the grass-roots level. C. Render meaningful community –based and extension services. Undertake research activities geared towards improvement of professional practices.


Thus, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) should be able to: * Utilize the nursing process in demonstrating knowledge and skills in health promotion, illness prevention of management of the sick clients and rehabilitation of patients throughout the life span. * Render individualized, comprehensive, and holistic care to individuals, families, and communities in any of the health care setting and within the realities of the situation. * Demonstrate critical thinking abilities when performing care and confronted with situations requiring astute decision-making. * Utilize a broad base of theoretical knowledge drawn form nursing and behavioral sciences when rendering care and collaboration. * Conduct actual research utilizing finding for improvements in nursing care. * Practice leadership and management abilities in all areas of practice. * Imbibe ethico-moral values, which shall serve as guidelines for professional conduct and practice. * Be cognizant of the legal responsibilities and accountabilities. * Assume responsibilities of continuing education.

X-Course Description:
This course provides the students with the overview of nursing as a science, an art and a profession. It deals with the concept of man as a holistic being comprised of bio- psycho- socio and spiritual dimensions. It includes a discussion on the different roles of a nurse emphasizing health promotion, maintenance of health as well as prevention of illness utilizing the nursing process. It includes the basic nursing skills needed in the care of individual clients.

XI. Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course and given actual or simulated situations /conditions, the student will be able to:

1. Utilize the nursing process in the holistic care of client for the promotion and maintenance of health 1.1 Assess with the client his/her health status and risk factors affecting health 1.2 Identify actual wellness/at risk nursing diagnosis

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