Natural Conservation

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Natural Resources- The earths natural materials and processes that sustains living organisms Gas
Wood etc.
Conservation- Sensible and careful use of the resources
Resources. Three main groups
Fossil fuels
iron, copper, aluminum
Nonmetallic minerals
clay, sand, phosphates
Fresh air
Fresh water
Fertile soil
Plants and animals
Environment- All factors that affect a living organism.
Ecology- Science dealing with the relationship between living organisms and the environment. Environmental Science- Science dealing with how the earth works, how humans interact with the environmental, and how environmental problems can be solved or managed. Stake Holders in Conservative Issues

Environmental NGOs

Energy, nutrient cycling, and product design
Since the industrial revolution (mid to late 1800s) products have been designed for a “cradle to grave” life cycle Meaning the products are made then once something else comes along we throw it out. People choose to promote ecological effectiveness”- a “cradle to cradle” process Use it and then reuse it somehow instead of throwing it away. Eco-effectiveness

Create buildings, like trees, that produce more energy than it uses Make products that decomposes easily
Paper is a good one
Plastic is bad
540, 545, 598, 988 (gal/person/year)
Used for driving, mowing, farm use, etc.
Reduce by carpooling, walking, biking, public transport, use hybrid car, decreased use of hobbies Water
790, 524, 612, 700, 546, 200 gal/person/year
Drinking, showering, toilets, cleaning, laundry, cooking, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc. Shorten showers, water saving techniques, low volume high pressure, drip watering, proper settings on washers, wash car in rain, use gray water for somethings. Plastics

1456 grocery bags, 3910 soda, 100 shampoo bottles, 200 milk cartons, 520 straws and lids, 400 ziplock bags, 708 pens, 7904 plastic cups. Used for everything!
Reduce by recycling, reuse bags and straws, alternative packaging. Paper
1000 sheets, 29 paper bags, 176 napkins, 179 mags, newspapers, 3000 junk mailind, 100 grocery bags/year, 52 rolls of toilet paper Reduce by recycling, use cloth bags, sending letters and papers via internet, using both sides of paper, refusing delivery on junk mail. Aluminum

723, 1500, 2402, 2852, 723 alum cans/year
Gum wrappers, spiral notebooks
Light weight material metal used in cars, electronics,
Easy to recycle for some products, difficult for others

Energy Source and Use
Other is the dung used in furences in some third world countries Renewable vs. Nonrenewable
Renewable (unreliable)
9% of all resources use in the US
Non-renewable (will run out in the future)
Natural gas
Nuclear power
91% of all resources used in the US.
Main fossil fuel driving the world and politics
Most wars have been fought over this resource.
Used for everything.
Largest source of environmental contamination.
Most refineries are located along the coast of the US.
Saudia Arabia has the most oil.
The middle east hold more than 60% of all oil.
Natural Gas
Methane, propane, ethane, and butane
Larger reserves than oil
Produces less pollution than other fossil fuels
Easily transported by pipes but difficult to ship.
Russia and the Middle East have 66% of the reserves.
Lignite, bituminous (soft coal, the dirtiest), coal, anthracite (the oldest and “cleanest”) About half of the energy is produced this way.
Northeast area relies on it the most
Very abundant (10x more reserves than oil or gas) with high net energy but much of it is from low quality coal Very destructive environmentally and to human health.
Mt top removal
Good? Bad?
The US is a big player in the coal industry 26%...
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