Narrative Writing

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That time, I went to a place that I had always dreamt of. That time, I bonded to people I just knew. That time, o felt excited to thi9ngs I don’t usually do. All of this experiences I will share it all to you.

I was so lucky to be elected as an SK Chairman in our barangay not knowing its benefits that I may be entitled to. One time I receive an invitation to attend a seminar that will be held in Boracay, surely I was surprised and excited and, there I was, ready to go and board the place to my dream destination. But a glitch of shyness fell upon me when I sat beside my co-SK Chairman that was the first time I talk to them up-close. The feeling is mutual, as all of us where waiting for the right time for us to be used to with each other.

The time do passes by that fast. After the plane and then boat ride, here we are in boracay, I was getting my phone from my bag when my co-SK official tapped me and told me “look here, this is where we going to spend our night”, then I saw this spectacular hotel (La Carmela de Boaracay) rising with its perfect ambiance. Again I felt excited, thinking who might be the people I may be sharing a room with. Up in the room with Aira and Beverly, a friendship has been established and excitements fill up our room.

After eating lunch and hearing our speakers inspirational talks and learned a lot from their guidelines in handling position to what extent we may contribute to the community as young leaders of new barangays. We were all determined to go out and enjoy the sceneries with our phones and cameras. We roam around the island; saw different people from all sides of the country. Tiange side by side selling souvenirs and memorabilia, food, typical it may be and some exotic to be justified. We also stroll along the shore enjoying the famous white sand as the sunsets, all shivering with laughter, happiness and unexplainable excitement.

As we wait for our dinner, some of us sharing stories and provided interesting ideas in the...
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