Narrative Essay

Topics: High school, College, Sophomore Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: March 25, 2013

Returning To School
Shannon L. Stevens
ENG121: English Composition I
Instructor: Clinton Edwards


Becoming a mother at a young age was very stressful at times. I wanted to continue my education but it was hard being a single mother. So returning to school was a must for me, but the question was when? Returning to school was a struggle, but eventually I got on the right mind frame and became focused after getting my daughter more than half way through school herself. Now I am attending school. I just want to share with you briefly the journey it took for me to return. Between the years of 1997 when my daughter was born and 2002, we struggled to make ends meet so I had to work two jobs just to take care of my daughter. My mother watched her as much as she could and when she couldn’t I tried to pay a baby sitter. So in order to pay the bills and have a place to live there was no time for an education for mommy. And at the time I really don’t think I cared. However in 2001 I and my mother discussed me returning to school when my daughter started kindergarten in the fall of 2002. I told her I would consider it if she would babysit. We never discussed it again. November 2002 my mother got into a serious life battling car accident that put her into a coma for a month in a half. It turned my world upside down. My whole life went numb, and I felt as if I was watching a lifetime movie and I was in it. She was never the same, short-term memory loss, incompetent, and never walked again. My mother struggled for...
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