Narrative Conflict Resolution Story

Topics: Middle school, Secondary school, Health Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Rewrite: Crafting my Conflict Story
Psyche490, Foundations of CR
SSU - Spring 2013
This paper is a reflection in discovering the story of my personal conflicts in my role as the Permit/City government coordinator for the Dream Catchers Association Family Fun Walk/Jog/Run. This experience has been a personal and rewarding one, as well as one of hope and vision. I became my own coach while navigating through this narrative process of rewrite. I have attempted to retell in the third person and added several ideals to outcomes of the situation.

Fairfield is the town between Vallejo and Vacaville.  In the southwest corner of Fairfield, there sits a vibrant bedroom community known as Green Valley. It is home to some 7000 families, three elementary schools, one of the only two junior high/middle schools, and one of the three local high schools. While there are ample medical facilities and gyms in North and Central parts of the city, including one towards the east where Travis Airforce Base is located, the Green Valley Community lacks a medical facility or facility that promotes good health and exercise for the diverse community.  The local gym is only open limited hours and requires expensive membership.  The local community college only allows students to use their sport facilities or enroll in classes. There is an annual turkey trot, but it is sponsored by a third party organization that raises funds to benefit their charity.

In 2012, Dream Catchers Association established as a group of parents who have discovered a large disconnect between the education of exercise and promotion of good health with events that promote exercise and healthy living for our community.  Other organizations have come to hold events, but the money raised does not filter back to our community here in Green Valley area of Fairfield.  So Dreamcatchers Association embarked on a mission to bring a Family Fun Walk/Jog/Run during the spring to benefit the Green Valley community and...
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