Myths and Realities About Technology in Schools

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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ARNEL A. ADTOON Teaching with Technology
M.A. in General Science Education May 1, 2013

Myths and Realities about Technology in Schools

Myth #1. Putting computers into schools will directly improve learning; more computers will result in greater improvements.

It is correct that if we put computers into schools it will directly improve learning but it doesn’t mean that having more computers will result in greater improvements. It is a matter of how teachers handle and facilitate the use of this technology. Even if there’s a lot of computers present at the school if the teachers doesn’t have the ability and the trainings on how to use it properly and how to integrate it on his/her lessons it will not result into a greater improvements in learning. In our school, computers are present but not all of the teachers use it as an aide for their lessons it simply because they don’t have the courage to use it, they are afraid that in one way or another they might destroy it knowing that it is very expensive. As what the reality says; all this expensive technology will yield little educational return until schools and districts address the need for professional development, technical support, the availability of appropriate software, classroom management and curriculum integration.

Myth #2. There are agreed-upon goals and “best practices” that define how computers should be used in K-12 classrooms.

All of those agreed-upon goals are good, it is on a matter on how those goals are going to be achieved. All of the goals are there but are we really prepared to achieve those goals? An example of this is in our school, the goals are there posted and being briefed to the teachers on how to use computers effectively but the problem is on how to achieved those goals without the proper trainings of the teachers. The reality corresponds to this myth is that...
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