Mypsychlab Evaluation

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MyPsychLab Evaluation
1) I opened the two links on “Apply the Concepts” and the one link on “Apply What You Know”. I thoroughly enjoyed the method by which MyPsychLab’s “PsychTutor” gave me the information I needed. I especially enjoyed the way that it gave movies to go along with the text for visual learners and the way it had paragraphs appear after clicking or mousing over certain words for kinesthetic learners. I also enjoyed how it split the information into different sections so that it did not become overwhelming or boring. I believe that the way in which they presented the information allows for all learning styles to have a chance at learning easily. 2) I enjoyed taking part in the first experiment/simulation; however, the second one did not work. Also, this attempt at an explanation of dependent and independent variables confused me to the point where I’m not sure exactly what they are anymore. I think that this was a good idea to teach students of other learning types, but perhaps it is not for me. The way in which the questions were asked in the post-experiment quiz was a bit confusing, and even a bit boring. I tried three times to sit still and read the entire question; however, the long and exaggerated words kept knocking my focus away to the point where I did not even want to read them. 3) I think that these flash cards are the best thing since sliced bread!!! I immensely enjoy flash cards to begin with, and the high tech methods in which they are displayed on the website really intrigue me. I believe that these are a great way to study for the quizzes and exams where we need to know the definition of vocabulary words on the outline you provided us. I also enjoy the way in which we can specifically choose exactly which words we want to be quizzed on, and the interface is not even that difficult to manipulate! Do you think we might be able to play some sort of game in class with these? 4) I found MySearchLab very convenient and easy to...
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