Myp Popcorn Lab

Topics: Mole, Mass, Mathematics Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Science 10 MYP Popcorn Lab

Experimental Design
We’ve been hired by Mr. Redenbacher to find a quick and accurate way to find the number of popcorn kernels in a bag of popcorn kernels without having to count them individually. We can apply our knowledge of solving problems involving the mole to find the number of popcorn kernels in the bag.

Manipulated: Weight of Kernels.
Controlled: Plastic Bag, Scale.
Responding: The Weight of the kernels in grams, the number of kernels in the bag, the weight of the plastic bag in grams.

I think that for us to accurately find the number of kernels in the bag, we will need to simulate calculations involving the mole. I think that this should be done by comparing the number of atoms and particles with the mass of the bag of kernels and the number of kernels in the bag because by using the mole, we can substitute it as a unit for measuring one kernel as the molar mass and the weight of the total number of kernels with the weight of a chemical substance.

Plastic Bag filled with Popcorn Kernels.
Scale for weighing.
Empty Plastic Bag.

Gather all materials needed.
Copy and complete the table below to record observations. Take note of additional quantitative observations.

Plastic Bag Full of Popcorn KernelsEmpty Plastic BagWeight of 1 Popcorn Kernel

Take the bag of popcorn kernels and weigh on scale. Repeat this process with one individual popcorn kernel taken from the bag and with the empty plastic bag. Record data in table.
Once data table is completed, subtracted the weight of the empty plastic bag from the plastic bag full of popcorn kernels to find the approximate weight of the popcorn kernels without the excess weight of the plastic bag.

Divide the weight of the total number of popcorn kernels by the weight of the one popcorn kernel. Through this, we are substituting the total number of...
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