My Criminal Behavior Survey

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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1. If research were to significantly indicate that the tendency to commit crime is inherited, what should be done about or for the children of violent criminals?

If research were to indicate the tendency to commit crime is inherited it would change our government significantly. A huge upheaval regarding rights of the citizens would take place. In foreign countries (population control) would be the only answer to control tendency from literally controlling the population. Children of violent criminals should be placed with family members whenever possible. Children may also need some type of therapy. Programs should be set up to monitor these children. Over the past century it has been cropped that the debate of nature verses nurture is an issue.

2. What programs should society implement and why?
Programs should be implemented for our children’s needs. Children may need help from psychiatry and a social worker to help them with their problems. Our children’s needs should be kept in mind at all times to teach them good things in life. Children should be educated on how to live a better life, a crime free life. Programs to promote sports and self-confidence for children teach them how to have a better life. Our children deserve a good life.

3. What would be the social, policy, and ethical implications? Social and policy implications would be the guidelines, activities and principles that affect the living conditions of human welfare. They deal with the social issues within the public. Ethical implications would be the mortality that is implied by social issues and the policies. The ethical implications may be that children may follow in their parent’s footsteps.

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