my autobiographY

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  • Published: May 6, 2014
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 Co me abord and bring along  all you r hopes and dr eams.  Together we'll find the things that we're loo king for... ONE PIECE Con flics are left behind, and they only slow us down,you heart w ill be our guide r aise the sail and take the helm. That legendery place at the end of the map reveals  it's only legendery until someone proves it's real... Throwing all, throw all the dramas and to t he hea rtache and to the pain, and know that I will be there to stand by youuuu~u JUST like I knew you'll stand by me!! So co me abord and bring along all your hopes and dreams, together we will find everything that we're looking for... There's always room for you, so do you wanna be my friend?? We are, we are, of the cruise...WE ARE Come abord and bring along all your hopes...
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