My Article of Clothing

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Darril Hannibal

My Article of clothing

Clothing is a part of life we see that throughout culture, religion and just mere fashion. Clothing has a range of varieties which includes color, fabric/texture and style. Besides being just a covering for our body, clothing in addition is used to make a statement. The garments that we wear tell a story of ourselves historically and where we are going.

One of my favorite articles of clothing is Military fatigue/camouflage, commonly known as BDU’s; I’ve been a fan of this gear since my early teenage years. In the early 90’s Fatigues was a growing trend worn by urban kids and hip hoppers which then lured me from its rugged and militant flair, I immediately adopted the fashion. When I put on my gear it gives me a subtle feeling of strength and pride, I assume that is Because of the history of the Battle Dress Uniform, it holds a connotation to war, stride, Triumph and Dignity. Psychologically, possibly another reason for my zeal of the BDU’s Is that most of the males in my family have all ranked in the military, therefore I’ve always had an appreciation for the service. I had plans to enlist years ago, ironically that never happened.

Now you can find me wearing the various articles of the fatigues from the Camo Bookbags, Bdu hats, jackets, belts ,pants and etc. Even more so when I’m in a Miltant mood/mindset I tend to dress like im straight out of a platoon movie. I think more Americans should fashionably wear Bdu’s because it makes a Statement and tells a story of America.

It also voices for veterans and soldiers of the past and present who dedicated their lives even to death to provide a service for this country and its’ people. I proudly wear my Camo to also show honor.

To conclude my article of clothing will never come to a demise in my eyes. It will be a part of my style of dressing forever, and...
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