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The Novel the Mutiny on The Bounty was written by Jeremy Fitzgerald and published by Black Cat in 2005.The story is set in Tahiti and West Indies in December 1787. It’s an adventure story about William Bligh and muting crews. There are three main character in the story; William Bligh, Fletcher Christian and Tom Barnes. Bligh is a captain of the Bounty. He is cruel and strict. Because of his crews are unhappy. But he was very intelligent man. Also he knew very good mathematics and navigation. He writes diary about his experience. Fletcher Christian is a second captain and Tom’s teacher. He is good man. Everybody loves him. Tom is new young sailor. He participated in ship yet. He works hard and obeys rules of ship. The story begins cost city of England. Tom looked for the ship. At the end of, he found the Bounty and took it part. Tom met Cpt. Bligh and F.Christian. After that, they went Tahiti and West Indies. Their mission was to collect breadfruit from Tahiti and take it to the sugar plantations in the West Indies. During voyage, Tom learned to climb up the most and navigation. F.Christian was good teacher for him. After long time, they arrived the Tahiti. The crews wanted to go the Island. But Cpt. Bligh refused them. Because, he wanted to carry breadfruit to ship. But two-man of crews escaped from ship. F.Christian didn’t ever love Cpt. to Bligh. The ship stayed two months in the Island. One day, Cpt. Bligh said “They will go to West Indian.” Except, the crews wanted to go nowhere. Because of began mutiny. This time, F.Christian governed the mutiny. End of mutiny, Tom preferred to stay with Cpt. Bligh. F.Christian sent out with ship’s boat. Cpt. Bligh, Tom and a few crews stayed two months in the sea. At the end of, they arrived in the England. But they were exhausted and tired. Two years after, Tom became good officer and was popular with his sailor. They went back in Tahiti with HMS Pandora ship. They looked for the mutineers from...

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