Music 202 Syllabus

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Dr. Luke Howard
C-486 HFAC
Office hours: 11-12 (MWF)

Music 202 (Section 003 - Evening)
Winter 2012

Note: This syllabus is subject to change throughout the semester. Please check Blackboard regularly. Any changes will be announced in class and on the Blackboard Announcement page for this course.

Music 202 surveys music, the visual arts, and literature from the middle baroque to the present day, giving emphasis whenever possible to the subject of music. As comprehension of musical scores constitutes an important part of the lectures and the exams, the ability to read music will help you excel in this course. Students who cannot read music will find it more difficult to do well.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of taking this course, students should be able to: 1. Demonstrate foundational knowledge and skills in the methods of investigating, expressing, and evaluating concepts in the arts, with a focus on music, from ca. 1720 to the present day. 2. Communicate effectively through writing about music, culture and the arts from ca. 1720 to the present day. 3. Identify and describe the major cultural ideas and styles from the Western cultural tradition from ca. 1720 to the present day. 4. Demonstrate the skills and abilities needed for a life-long critical and evaluative pursuit of art, literature, music, and philosophy.

Required Texts:
• Cunningham and Reich, Culture and Values: A Survey of the Western Humanities, Custom Music 201/202 edition • The Norton Scores, Volume I and II, 11th ed., edited by Kristine Forney • CD recordings to The Norton Scores, (8-CD set)

Grades will be based on a series of short quizzes, four exams, and a short research assignment. The quizzes combined will be worth 20% of your grade (each of the nine quizzes has equal value), the research assignment will be worth 10% of your grade, the two in-class ID exams will be worth 30% of your grade (15% each), and the two Testing Center exams will be worth 40% (20% each). After the raw scores are tallied and weighted, grades are assigned according to the following criteria:

A94% - 100%
A- 90% - 93.9%
B+87% - 89.9%
B84% - 86.9%
B- 80% - 83.9%
C+77% - 79.9%
C74% - 76.9%
C- 70% - 73.9%
D+67% - 69.9%
D64% - 66.9%
D- 60% - 63.9%
E0% - 59.9%

If there is a curve in this class, it will be applied to the total weighted score at the end of the semester. And if there is a curve, it is your friend – I only curve up, not down. There may also be an extra-credit opportunity, but don’t count on it. If I decide to make one available, it will be announced in class and on Blackboard.

Please remember that I do not decide your grade; I merely calculate it. You decide your grade when you decide what priority you place on this class, how much work you’re willing to put into it, and how important your grade is to you. If you decide that other classes are more important and you’ll be thrilled with a C- in this class, that’s fine with me. If, on the other hand, you need a B in this class to keep your scholarship, then you’d better do above-average work. There’s no point coming to me at the end of the semester, complaining that you’ll lose your scholarship because you got a B-. The time for remedying grades starts on day one, not after grades are submitted.

Attendance at lectures is expected, but no roll will be taken. If you need to miss a lecture for any reason, please make your own arrangements for catching up on missed work. Please know that sending a bulk email to everyone asking for copies of notes is NOT an acceptable arrangement. If you do that, I get the email, too, and will know who did it. Neither is asking me for a copy of my notes an acceptable arrangement.

Your obligation, should you choose to attend class, is to be an active and full...
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