Mushroom Cultivation

Topics: Oyster mushroom, Agaricus bisporus Pages: 10 (3009 words) Published: October 2, 2012

This case was prepared by Low Kock Hee, Senior Lecturer School of Business Studies TAR COLLEGE This case study was written for the purpose of class discussion. The case was neither designed nor meant to illustrate the correct or incorrect management of the problems or issues contained in the case.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The author of this case study thanks Mr. Liaw Fenn Yenn, Head, TAR College, Johore Branch and the campus staff Miss Chong Chew Lan, SBS PS, Miss Uma Devi, SBS Lecturer and Miss Tong SL, CPE AR for their input of valuable information and materials relating to the Mushroom Cultivation Project. Also many thanks to Mr. Lim Chin Hock, Principal Lecturer, SBS, for the guidance in this case study write-up. And thanks to the SBS academic staffs who were involved in this case study for the review and comments. The author acknowledged that the other materials presented in this case were adaptations from published sources and were cited in the reference list.


CONTENTS Acknowledgements Introduction What are Mushrooms? Mushrooms Grown or Can Be Grown in Malaysia Marketing Information on Mushroom Top-Ten Mushroom Producing Countries (2008) College Dropout Now a Mushroom King The Future Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Johore Campus Starting Capital Cost for the Mushroom Cultivation House Operation Cost for the Mushroom Cultivation House Mushroom Cultivation Flow Chart Direct Costs of Mushroom Cultivation Per Substrate Bag Shelve Life of Fresh Oyster Mushroom Oyster Mushroom Harvested Yield and Sales in RM Pest Management Common Diseases Future Plans Discuss Questions References Glossary Appendixes 3

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Introduction The Diploma in Entrepreneurship was first offered at the Johore Branch campus in May 2010. Under the inspiration of TARC Principal, Dr. Tan Chik Heok, Johore Branch Campus was asked to set up a mushroom growing workshop for students to acquire knowledge and techniques in mushroom cultivation. This practical experience at the college workshop will give the students a head start in their careers. The project was first started since November 2011. What are Mushrooms? Mushrooms are fungi that have macro fruiting bodies visible to naked eyes. There are 14,000 known species and 2000 species are considered safe to eat. Mushrooms can be grouped as high protein traditional vegetable/food as well as medical efficacy. The cultivation technologies available range from conventional sawdust logs to high technology methods where the environment for the mushroom’s growth is highly regulated to ensure the production of quality mushrooms. Mushroom has been cultivated in Malaysia since the early 1970s and the dominant variety is the grey oyster. Mushrooms have now been declared as industrial crop by the Ministry of Agriculture due to its potential contribution to the economy of the country. Malaysia imported 21,077 MT of mushrooms worth RM86.44 million in 2007 while export stood at 4,805 MT worth RM33.45 million. The following were statistics provided by the Mushroom Association of Malaysia:    Number of mushroom growers in Malaysia (2008) Production Consumer demand 400 growers 24,000kg per day 50,000kg per day

Mushrooms Grown or Can Be Grown in Malaysia  Grey oyster/tiram kelabu  White oyster/tiram putih  Pink oyster/tiram jambu muda  Yellow oster/tiram kuning  Abalone  Black jelly/jeli hitam  Monkey head/bunga kubis  Kukur or sisik  Perut lembu  Lingzhi (medicinal mushroom)  White and brown button  Black poplar or chestnut mushroom


Marketing Information on Mushrooms     Types of mushrooms/products available in the market: Fresh / Dried / Processed / Nutraceutical, functional food, finger food and health drinks. Mushroom is a very good source of protein food suitable for all age groups. Malaysian mushroom consumption is 324 grams per person per year compared to...
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