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In this paiting, Renoir painted Pere Fournaise, a restaurant owner and friend of the painter. The man is sitting and smoking a pipe. In front of hime are two vessels. One is his, the other for someone who's not in the painting. Who knows? It may be an invitation to the viewer of Renoir. ALPHONSE Fournais was the owner of a restaurant where you could also rent boats located on an island in the Seine, Chatou around, ten miles west of Paris. Since the sixties customer Renoir became fixed to a restaurant, which would be the backdrop to some of his most famous paintings, like rowers Lunch (collection PhllipsWashignton DC) The same artist what decribió as a place "full of beautiful girls to paint "and Renoir were Fournaise friends besides accepting sometimes artist paintings as payment for meals. Fournaise commissioned this portrait, also in gratitude for having brought new customers.

Renoir portrayed him in a moment of relaxation, with a glass of beer and a pipe in his mouth wearing a dark jacket over a simple white shirt and a dark hat. The gaze is directed to the right and in the foreground there is another glass of beer, we suspect, is part of a conversation partner: the portrait suggests a man engaged in a conversation in pleasant company.

The broad and informal brushwork is in tune with the relaxed atmosphere of the scene. The composition is centered in warm tones of the skin of the face and wrist of Fournaise, enhanced by touches of red. Renoir softens the dark vest extending a yellow layer still not dried blue, bright eyes the model are made with a succession of delicate streaks of color. The fund, which now has a soft brown, at first it was a red-purple hue that revived the scene, as on other occasions as the painter used pigments that eventually lost the original key.

Years later, Renoir would say Fournaise supposed portrait of an example of changing public attitudes towards his work. He noted that the painting, originally regarded as "the synthesis...
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