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Good morning to examiners and my fellow candidates. The simplest way to set yourself up for successful admission to grad school and a smooth career transition is simply by working hard during your undergraduate years. By being diligent, earning good grades where possible, and participating on and off campus, you’ll attract fans—people in your network who want to help you succeed in your next steps.Benefits of doing your best work include are the organizations you’ve been volunteering or interning with will want to hire you if they can.Your professors, club leaders, and peers will want to give you a good reference. They will take an interest in mentoring you, as an extension of themselves. They’ll want you to become part of their legacy.Accomplishments will be reflected in your resume, statements of purpose, and cover letters. You’ll have gained the skills and confidence you need to succeed, in school and in future jobs. Moving to my next point,take advantage of being an undergraduate student. College and university campuses are full of resources and opportunities to help you succeed.For example,choose your classes wisely. Take classes based not only on requirements for your bachelors degree, but also on what you'll need to know for grad school.Find out what your priority schools require before you arrive, and work on those classes now. Use your classes to learn the language, current trends, and major players in your field. The authors of studies you are reading now might become your advisors in grad school! Another example is visit your professors outside of class. Office hours are sometimes a quiet, lonely time for professors. Even if they enjoy the time to get work done, they must face the sad truth that they are often most popular just before an exam or paper. Going to office hours—of your own professors and even professors you admire from afar—helps professors get to know you by name, and gives them a chance to mentor you in the best field in the world...

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