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EYMP 3 – Promote Children’s Welfare and well being in the early years

1.1 Explain the welfare requirements and guidance of the relevant early years framework

Each of the nations within the United Kingdom has a set of welfare requirements or standards that must be met by the provider of early years care. There are three general legal requirements and each of these include specific legal requirements. These specific requirements include statutory guidance informing the provider exactly what is required of them in the early years setting. They are compulsory for all providers of early years care and education.

The Early Years Foundation Standard sets out the general welfare requirements and guidance for children and young people as follows.

A) Provider must take steps required to safeguard and promote the well being of children. Specific legal requirement areas are:
Safeguarding Information and complaint Premises and security Outings Equality of opportunities

B) Provider must promote good health of the children, taking necessary steps to prevent infection and the spread of it and to take appropriate advice when children are ill. Specific legal requirements are:

Medicines Illness and injuries
Food and drink

C) Provider must manage children’s behaviour effectively taking into consideration the stage of their development and their particular needs. Specific legal requirement is:
Behaviour management

1.2 Explain the lines of reporting and responsibility within the work setting

All practitioners are responsible for health and safety in any setting. As a childminder I am responsible in my setting for all aspects of health and safety. My responsibilities include:

a) Taking reasonable care for my own safety and that of others. (b) Knowing the policies and procedures in my place of work. (c) Recording and reporting to parents or carers all accidents and incidents even near misses, and also incidents of sickness and diarrhoea, especially if you are handling food. (d) Taking note of any hazards as soon as they are discovered and making steps to prevent or correct them.

Apart from the legal responsibilities, it is also a good thing to know how to act in differing circumstances, to remain alert and vigilant at all times, as this can prevent accidents, injury, infections and even death in relation to me and children in my care.

2.2 Explain systems for supporting children’s safety when:

Receiving children into the setting
On arrival to the setting, children are registered which is essential to ensure staff to child ratio and also in case of any emergency evacuation. Children are met and greeted at the door and taken into the setting. The door is firmly closed and latched. The key is placed away out of the reach of the children.

Ensuring their safety on departure
On leaving the setting, children are signed out. In the front hall area, coats and shoes are put on and children handed over to parents/carers. A password system is used with parental permission if any other person other than the parents/carers collects the child. A relevant safe guarding policy should be in place for uncollected children.

During off site visits
Safety during offsite visits is maintained by forward planning and risk assessments carried out regarding the area for visiting. The area should also be checked before hand by visiting or finding out about the place by corresponding with suitable persons at the site. Any particular requirements can be met, i.e. what to do if it rains, lunch arrangements etc. Parents permission should be obtained prior to outings and they should be informed of what is involved in the visit so the child can be properly...
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