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Topics: Puberty, Adolescence, Reasoning Pages: 30 (5814 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Name: VALENTINE Date: ___October 28, 2012____

1.Arrests are more likely to occur among adolescents who are: A)ages 12 to 14 rather than 15 to 17.
B)females rather than males.
C)European Americans rather than Asian Americans.
D)good students.

2.To understand gender attitudes and roles, behaviorists stress: A)biological mechanisms.
C)reasoning ability.
D)unconscious motivations.

3.The group most likely to be taking medication for diagnosed ADHD is comprised of: A)girls.
C)children in first and second grades.
D)children in third, fourth, and fifth grades.

4.In the twenty-first century, early puberty positively correlates with which of the following? A)the tendency for girls to date boys younger than themselves B)the tendency for girls to enter into later, nurturing relationships C)aggression and antisocial behavior in boys

D)early-maturing boys becoming leaders in their schools and community

5.About two-thirds of all those who take IQ tests score in the “average” range, that is, between 85 and: A)100.

6.A disorder that may result from abnormal development of the corpus callosum is: A)hearing impairment.
C)extreme impulsivity.

7.Preconventional morality involves:
A)the careful consideration of all options.
B)an emphasis on laws and social order.
C)an emphasis on reward and punishment.
D)trying to gain the approval of others.

8.______ is generally considered a more mature emotion than ______ because the former one comes from within the individual and demonstrates self-awareness. A)Doubt; guilt
B)Guilt; shame
C)Shame; guilt
D)Competence; inferiority

9.By what age is a child able to use humor and a sense of fairness to gain entry into a group of friends and playmates? A)3 years
B)4 years
C)5 years
D)2 years

10.One reason why adolescents' nutritional habits may be poor is: A)lack of media attention to the importance of good nutrition. B)misunderstanding about what is and is not healthy food.
C)altered taste buds due to hormonal surges.
D)anxiety about their body image.

11.Which of the following is Erikson's fourth stage of psychosocial crises? A)autonomy versus shame and doubt
B)industry versus inferiority
C)trust versus mistrust
D)ego integrity versus incompetence

12.Which of the following best explains why children who come from violent homes have few close friends and are lonely? A)The family actively prevents outside acquaintances in order to maintain the secrecy of the violent behavior. B)The children don't learn the skills necessary to sustain close relationships. C)The children are afraid of others because of the violent relationships in their homes. D)The violent parent prevents such friendships.

13.v;The amygdala is a brain structure that registers:
A)body temperature.
C)speech perception.

14.One of Vygotsky's most famous concepts was the zone of proximal development, which asserts that: A)there is a certain place in a school where most learning occurs. B)children can only reach a certain level of intelligence.

C)children can master some tasks with the help of others.
D)certain parts of the brain need to be activated.

15.Pressure to conform to one's friends or contemporaries in behavior, dress, and attitude is referred to as: A)conformance.
B)adolescent burden.
C)generation gap.
D)peer pressure.

16.Identify the accurate statement about adolescent suicide. A)The adolescent suicide rate is about twice that of adults. B)The adolescent rate in 2005 is double what it was in 1962. C)Almost all teens who seriously consider suicide attempt suicide. D)The present adolescent suicide rate is about 1 in 500 each year.

17.In the school years, Piaget believed that children are in the period of: A)latency.
B)preoperational thought.
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