Mrs. Bixby

Topics: New York City, A Story, Pawnbroker Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Characters are the ones who take actions in the story, in my opinion they are the most important part of a story, in this story there are 2 main characters (Cyril Bixby and his wife Mrs Bixby) and 5 secondary characters (Colonel, Wilkins, the taxi-driver, the pawnbroker and miss Pulteney). Main characters

Cyril Bixby was small, neat and bony, he had a narrow nose and a slightly prognathous jaw.
He wore Edwardian jackets with high lapels and six buttons down the front and narrow stovepipe trousers, and his wife thought he looked ridiculous in this outfit. He was a dentist that lived in a smallish apartment somewhere in New York City with his wife Mrs. Bixby. At first he looked naive, honest and hard working. And he had fully trusted on his wife. But later on we find out that he was cheating on his wife with his assistant Miss Pulteney. Mrs Bixby was a big vigorous woman

She was Cyril Bixby´s wife so she also lived in a smallish apartment somewhere in New York City. She was very judgemental about her husband in the way he dressed and looked. She had a lover in Baltimore so she was manipulative, smart because she convinced her husband that she was visiting her aunt every time she went to Baltimore, and always had a plan to disguise her relationship. She was also someone who got overly excited easily.

Secondary characters
Colonel was a huge and bristly man and he smelled faintly of horseradish. The Colonel was a healthy and rich gentleman that lived in a charming house on the suburbs of the Baltimore. He was Mrs. Bixby lover and he didn´t have a wife or family. When he met with Mrs. Bixby, he had a way to make her feel special and happy with his charm. When Mrs Bixby wasn´t around, he consoled himself by riding horses and hunting the fox. Wilkins was a small wizened dwarf with grey skin.

He was the colonel´s groom he delivered a gift from the Colonel to Mrs Bixby. The Taxi-driver is the man who took Mrs Bixby to the Pawnbroker and then back to her home. The...
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