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Topics: Medical imaging, Magnetic resonance imaging, Brain tumor Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: April 11, 2013

Background info

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) otherwise known as Magnetic resonance tomography (1) is a scan that uses a magnetic field, radio wave, and computer, to produce an image of an individual internal structure (Anatomy) (2). The body contains more than 50% of water. MRI uses super strong Magnetic field to align hydrogen nuclei or protons found in water (H2O) all over the body (1,3, &, 4). When a person is placed into the scanning machine hydrogen nuclei or protons align, after the alignment a radio frequency is briefly turned on. The radio frequency absorbs the hydrogen nuclei or proton, which stimulates spinning. Energy is released after the spinning is complete. The released energy emits signal that are picked up by the coil in the MRI scanner. The signal released is the anatomy or internal structure being scanned. The signal is then sent to a computer, which converts it, and generate image of the scanned internal structure (1, &, 6). The MRI is one of the best and highly rated medical imaging technology as it could be used to scan all images in which most medical imaging technologies can scan. ADVANTAGEs

1. MRI does not involve use of radiation (may destroy some beneficial or important cells), and could therefore be used by any patient.

2. Produces clear image of the spine than any other medical imaging technologies

3. MRI can locate or show the location of an ischemic stroke deep inside the brain within minute of its onset, and thereby makes it easier to diagnose stroke (8).

4. Helps to diagnose brain and pituitary tumors as it could distinguish between infarcted (permanently damaged) brains from blood starved brain at risk of infraction (an area of tissue that dies due to lack of oxygen) (8).

5. Helps in visualizing thorn ligaments.

6. Have very low incidence of side effect

7. MRI could differentiate between bones and tissues, which enables it to Creates or show full internal...
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