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Topics: Portland cement, Concrete, Cement Pages: 4 (738 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON

Coursework hand-out cover sheet
Session 2012-13


CEGE3005 Civil Engineering Materials

Title of coursework

Concrete for bored piles


Member of staff

Dr Yun Bai

Submission on or before

17.00 Friday 25 January 2013

Submission procedure

in coursework box near Departmental Office

The assessment will be based on the standard of presentation, the accuracy of calculations/graphs etc. and the completeness, relevance and conciseness of the discussion and conclusions.

Assessment criteria

If the presentation is of an unacceptably low standard, the report will be returned unmarked. Overall grades A+,A,A-,B,C and D are passes. Grade F is a failure, and the report can be revised and resubmitted if desired; if then satisfactory, a grade D will be awarded.

Penalty for late submission Date and method of return after marking • •

zero marks

via personal tutors during first half of third term

Details of the work required and the contents of the submission are included in the hand-out During your work you should take pay full attention to the information in the Departmental booklet “Notes on preparation, production and submission of coursework”


CEGE3005 Civil Engineering of Materials

Project 3 Concrete for bored piles
Concrete is required for the bored piles for the foundations of a new motorway bridge in the North-East of England. The piles are 35m deep and 600mm diameter. They have a design life of 75 years and the concrete is to be strength class C30/37. The contractor has stated that it would be helpful to the construction sequence if a cube compressive strength of 35 MPa is achieved at 5 days. The results of the analysis of groundwater taken from the location are given in Appendix 1 Details and test results from available sources of aggregates, Portland cement and fly ash are given in Appendices 2 and 3....
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