Movie Review Dekada '70

Topics: Ferdinand Marcos, People Power Revolution, Filipino television personalities Pages: 5 (1539 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Title : DEKADA ‘70
Running Time : 128 minutes
Lead Cast : Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Piolo Pascual, Marvin Agustin, Carlos Agassi, Danilo Barrios, John Wayne Sace, Dimples Roman, Ana Capri, Jhong Hilario Director : Chito S. Roño
Producer : Charo Santos – Concio
Screenwriter : Lualhati Bautista
Music : Nonong Buencamino
Editor : Jess Navarro
Genre : Drama
Cinematography : Neil Daza
Distributor : Star Cinema
Location : Manila

“You could stop being proud of me! Nagsawa na ko sa ganun, gusto ko naman ngayon for a change, maging proud ako sa sarili ko!” – Amanda Bartolome

Character Details
Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos) is the mother of 5 boys namely Jules (Piolo Pascual), Gani (Carlos Agassi), Emman (Marvin Agustin), Jason (Danilo Barrios), and Bingo (John Wayne Sace) the youngest. Amanda is a typical housewife who’s only concern is the welfare of her family but as the story goes on we will see how Amanda’s character change by the society and people around him especially Julian (Christopher de Leon) her husband. Julian Bartolome is a liberated father to his son, he gave what his sons want but not with Amanda. Jules the oldest son became a civic leader because he did not like the government policy then. Gani is a United States Navy which was strongly oppose by Jules. Emman a writer, just like Jules he did not like the government policy but instead of joining the communist he express his feeling in writing. Jason is a happy go lucky guy he is the most loving of all the boys but became a victim of a military abused and Bingo the youngest a typical boy who is playful.

Setting Details
Located in Manila it is the best place to shoot the film Dekada ’70. Manila as we all know is the capital of our country. This is where almost all the important events in our history happen in the 70’s. Former President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in Malacanang on September 21, 1972, this is the beginning of military abused, curfew, political killings and imprisonment, harassment and others. This was all experienced by Bartolome family on that decade they were harassed because of Jules who became a communist leader later then caught by the police and hardly punished him just to speak who is their leader. Jason was a victim of military abused. All of this happens in the 70’s where there is no freedom, no one can speak against the government, all people are scared to go out because of the curfew and once you caught you will be punished. Plot Details

Dekada ’70 a film about the Bartolome Family a middle – class family that experienced tough times when Pres. Marcos declared Martial Law and Amanda Bartolome the wife and mother of 5 boys. Julian Bartolome always has a good conversation on his son regarding on what was going on to their society but not with Amanda when he refuses her when she said she wants to have a job. Jules and Emann were awakened by the wrong government policy so they both became a critic of the government Jules became a civic leader but Emann put his criticism in writing. Gani became a US Navy. Jason the most loving son of Amanda died in a military abused when he caught to have marijuana. Bingo the youngest always playful but has guilt on Jason’s death. Julian as a father always wants his decision to be final. He doesn’t have any concern about what Amanda felt he always dictate what he wants Amanda to do. Gani their second had an early marriage with Evelyn but their marriage did not last. Jules went to Bicol and became a civic leader after one of his friend (Jhong Hilario) tortured and killed by the police. Emman as a writer focused on the government foolishness and other wrong doing. Jason on the other is different form other he is not that talented as Jules and Emman but has more charm on all of the boys. Jason is a typical hard headed boy just like Gani he already have a girlfriend at a young age whom he met at a birthday party. But when the girl broke up with him, Jason became rebellious...
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