Movie Analysis: Rizal

Topics: Philippines, Spain, Filipino people Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: March 9, 2013
The Jose Rizal movie tells the actual life of our national hero, intertwined with the story of his novels – Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. It uncovers Rizal’s childhood until his execution in the hands of the Spaniards, as well as the glimpse of the life of suppression of the Filipino people under the Spanish friars. It also introduces his imaginations and how he viewed the Philippines during the colonization of Spain through his novels. The depictions of violence and torture during those years in the movie, gave me a faint of heart. I was exasperated to the Spaniards while watching those scenes, and I felt like wanting to beat them like the way they maltreated innocent indios. Also, few scenes which depict some episodes from Rizal's novels made me sick and angered me more. One of which was when a Catholic priest rapes a Filipina. It is disgusting to think that a priest who teaches not to sin and do good things to others committed that crime. However, I felt happy and delighted when Rizal uttered the words “It’s done” and when Rizal fell in the ground facing the sky and looking at the beautiful sun at his last breath because it signifies that he dies victoriously and his death was meant for the torch that gave light for the independence of the Philippines. There was also a heartwarming feeling in me after seeing the scene when the dog of Rizal was set free after he was shot, believing that it implies freedom of the Filipinos. In totality, the movie gave me the feeling of being an ordinary Filipino, began at an early age dreamed freedom for one nation. I felt apologetic after realizing how Rizal and other Filipinos sacrificed even their own life for the common good of the nation and for the freedom I am enjoying now. That behind every free Filipino today is to a man that was mistreated before. I also felt sad for Rizal because he experience prejudice yet he is not assured whether all his sacrifices will be worth it in the end. But Rizal has never lost...
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