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There have been many great influences in education which have impacted the evolution of American education. People have been debating since the landing at Plymouth Rock of who should get education, what should be taught, how personnel should get paid, and by whom. In this essay, I will discuss how the impacts of the Common School Movement, Horace Mann, Kalamazoo Case and The Committee of Ten have helped shaped our education system in the United States today. There have been many debates on how school systems should be created, who should fund them and who can attend them. In 1830, the controversial Common School Movement began where people like the Jefferson Republicans and the Federalists thought it would be a good idea to have common schools that the government would regulate and fund so that Americans rich or poor would be able to have an equal education and that it would prepare America for the industrial revolution (Kaestie, 2008). Some tax payers were concerned how much taxes would increase and questioned why they should have to pay for the education of other children. They agreed to have the schools funded by property taxes paid by the community in where the school was located. Figure 1 Horace Mann

Figure 1 Horace Mann
During this time, if parents wanted their children to have a more advanced education they would send them to private schools or hire a tutor, but in most cases only the wealthy would receive an advanced education. Horace Mann saw that the quality of education was deteriorating and believed that there should not be a difference between rich or poor when it came to getting an education (Reeder, 2011). He felt that in order to have honorable citizens, the nation needed to have a better education system that was free for the public and with well-educated teachers to teach them. Horace was elected as the first secretary on the board of education. He took his role very seriously and created journals which lead him to hold lectures on education...
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