Mountain Dew Case Study

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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1. You are Scott Moffitt. What criteria do you use in your decision regarding recommended ad campaign? First I determined the target market for Mountain Dew. Each commercial in the case aimed at a different target market. The top two commercials that I believe capture our target market are the extreme sports Diet Mountain Dew and the Back in time 1998 commercial acted by Michael Johnson. The extreme sports Diet Mountain Dew commercial targets young adult males, so we’ll say eighteen year old males. While the Michael Johnson commercial targets male kids around age ten. I chose both of these commercials because they should promote brand loyalty with males ages 20-35 and attract new customers. This covers the demographics for age and gender. Next, I looked into advertising appeals. The other ads are marginal in comparison; for example, the mock opera ad cartoon imaging and slow paced commercial are not as appealing as the two I chose. The Michael Johnson ad attracts the audience because he is a famous sprinter. Next, the Michael Johnson ad depicts humor as he sprints around the world back in time only to see the Mountain Dew vending machine was not present in 1978. The emotions this ad shows are happiness, heartfelt and the urge to be active. For those who watched Michael Johnson win gold in the Olympics many times then this commercial may trigger your emotions to think back to those Olympic events. The extreme sports Diet Mountain Dew commercial symbolizes that drinking Diet Mountain Dew is exhilarating. The commercial emphasizes the citrus flavor in an exciting way. These two advertisements fit the ideal criteria better than the others.

2. Which campaign do you recommend? Why?
I will use the commercial Back in Time (1998), acted by Michael Johnson. This beverage is a non-alcohol drink which provides the health ingredients and energy. The fuel to the car is what this drink to people. In the advertisement, Michael Johnson, the fastest man on earth wants to...
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