Motivationed and Social Adjustment

Topics: Publishing, Clinical psychology, Psychometrics Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: March 24, 2013

OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, the student- teachers will be able to To recall the principles underlying guidance To recognize the need of guidance and counselling in schools To describe the different services in the school guidance programme To acquire the skills necessary to administer and interpret standardized tools To know the qualities required for a good counsellor UNIT-I Guidance Guidance- Meaning, Definitions, Aims, Nature, Principles and Needs. TypesEducational, Vocational, Personal, Social- Relationship between guidance and Counselling - Benefits- Limitations UNIT-II Counselling Counselling– Meaning, Definitions, Elements-Characteristics – Objectives – Need – Types: Directive Counselling, Non-Directive Counselling, Eclectic Counselling – Meaning, Characteristics, Steps, Advantages, Limitations – Difference between Counselling and Guidance. UNIT-III Guidance Movement in India History of guidance movement in India – Problems of guidance movement in India – Ways to improve guidance movement in India. UNIT-IV Qualities of a Counsellor Counsellor – Qualities – Functions- Professional Ethics- Difference between Counsellor and Teacher. UNIT-V Group Guidance and Group Counselling Group guidance – Meaning, Definition, Objectives, Problems, Significance – Techniques, Uses. Group counselling – Meaning, Requirements - Uses.

42 UNIT – VI Theories of Vocational Choice Theories of Vocational Choice – Ginzberg, Super, Holland, Havighurst, Structural theory UNIT –VII Non –Testing Devices in Guidance Non-testing devices in guidance: Observation – Cumulative record, Anecdotal record, Case study, Autobiography, Rating Scale, Sociometry etc. UNIT-VIII Testing Devices in Guidance Testing devices in guidance-Meaning, Definition, Measurement, Uses of psychological tests: Intelligence tests – Aptitude tests- Personality InventoriesAttitude scales – Achievement tests – Creativity tests -Mental health –...
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