Motivation Letter Sample

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree, Postgraduate education Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Dear Sirs, Madams
I am interested to apply for a Master’s Degree Program in{name od the programme} starting in 2013. I graduated in 2011, from the University of {name od the University}, USA and hold a Bachelors degree in{name od the programme}. The four year undergraduate program in {name od the programme}  formed the basis of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of –. As a part of my degree course I studied various subjects relating to diverse aspects of {specify} which includes {specify}. During my bachelor studies, I underwent the experience of developing a{specify}. Under the supervision of Prof {name} along with my colleague I have prepared the {specify}. While submitting the assignment, our lecturer observed{specify}  and recommended our product for {specify}-. Upon receiving this acknowledgment of my work I would like to carry on my penchant for {specify}, as this {methodology, issue} is gaining increasing importance, in all aspects and is having significant impact on almost all industries and all areas of society. There is an ample scope to prove one’s ability, competence and intelligence in this revolutionary and potentially very beneficial {methodology, issue, theory}. Besides the college academics I was actively involved in the extra-curricular activities. The driving force behind all this was my aim to develop all the facets of my personality. In this process I could not achieve the grades I wanted to, in the first and second year. But soon I garnered the skill of judicious allocation of time and energy. I do not feel that the marks I scored are the sole indicators of my understanding of the subject. A cogent reason to augment my belief is the final year of my studies, where with strong focus and hard work, I excelled in my graduation with distinction. Considering my excellent record, my college offered me for a job as a lecturer. Also for the past twenty months I have been working as a {specify}- in -{specify}...
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