Morning Walk

Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Unconscious mind Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Morning Walk

A morning walk is a very useful exercise. It is a light exercise. It refreshes our body and mind. In the morning Nature is at its best. A morning walk brings us in contact with the beautiful surroundings of Nature. It gives us a great joy and also keeps us fit and healthy. The green grass, the blossoming flowers, chirping birds, the fresh air, the rising sun and morning dew - all provide us great joy and they fill our heart with happiness. Morning walk is good for all. Nature is at her best in the morning. This time is very pleasant. One should go for a morning walk regularly. There are dew drops on the green grass.One feels energetic for the whole day if takes a morning walk. Morning walk keeps us away from sickness. Morning walk is a very good exercise. It purifies our blood. all should take a morning walk.Walking stretches our mind and our soul. It is a dynamic mind & body process which creates a sense of rhythm. As we listen to our own silent rhythm, the pulse of life, our own heartbeat - we become whole, a complete man - fit in Mind, Body and Soul. Walking energizes us, awakens you and stills your mind to fully relax. With the change of mind our moods change and we experience a physical and a spiritual upliftment. As we relax, your perception change and reach from the everyday conscious mind to the highest level of mind - the intuitive mind. the subconscious cuts through the mental clutter, releasing latent vitality and creativity, transcending traditional linear thinking and helping us find a creative solution. So lets our motto be walk in morning and remain healthy.
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