Morale on the Western Front

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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* British troops morale better than that of the French and the Germans in 1918 on the Western Front * Petain stated that morale had become the essential factors of the struggle * Whilst there is little dispute between historians over the motivational factors there are different areas historians focus on when determining factors that sustain morale. * Gary Sheffield suggests the bond between the officers and the troops as a factor * Rachel Duffett suggests that food was a source of demoralisation but at the same it provided entertainment that motivated the troops. * Geoff Bridger suggests that boredom was the curse of life on Western Front and therefore entertainment would be the source of sustaining morale. Officer man relations & relations between the troops *

* Camaraderie played a crucial part in maintaining the troop’s morale * Fought for the regiment
* Geoff Bridger
* Gary Sheffield
* Correlli Barnett
* Paternal relationship between the officers and ‘their’ men * Officer training geared towards paternalistic behaviour Food rations *
* The food supplied by the army was poor and decreased morale therefore soldiers set about to find further food to increase morale * Entertainment from securing more food to appease their appetite * Food parcels sent from home lift morale

* Rachael Duffett
Entertainment *
* Rachael Duffett suggests that it was not just the appeal of extra food that attracted the men to such activities but also to cure their boredom * Poetry
* Songs
* Gambling
* Games
* Jokes and humour bottling up emotions and masking them with dark humour

* Sense of normality and continued connection with loved ones at home * Kept the letters safe showed the significance
* However, heavily censored possibly frustrate rather than motivate * Also if they were uneducated and illiterate impossible to...
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